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Anyone supporting Democratic ideals and principles may become a member of the KB Dems Club. Membership enables you to become an officer, join a committee and participate in meetings and events. Said otherwise, membership allows you to influence the club and its activities. Your membership is also your contribution to further the club’s objectives.


This membership level is for persons aged 18 and up, who are not full-time students. Join us and contribute your experience and leverage your network to help further Democratic causes.

Student Member


If you’re a full-time student and want to contribute your ideas and energy to the Democratic cause, join us.

Senior Membership


This membership level is for persons aged 65 and over. Join and contribute your experience, wisdom and perspective to KB Dems.


Your monthly contribution of $100 helps KB Dems advance Democratic principles throughout the year. Your donation can remain anonymous, or you can earn special mention in our newsletter.

Level Price  
Adult $50.00 per Year. Select
Student $10.00 per Year. Select
Senior $35.00 per Year. Select
Superhero $100.00 per Month. Select
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